Proposal Session by Tuscan Mansion

As the rain started pouring down, Rafi & I gave a quick glance at each other, knowing that he was about to propose to Alee.

Before we talk about the surprise proposal in front of a stunning mansion here in Tulsa, I want to touch on how incredible both Rafi & Alee are as people. These high school sweethearts have been together for 6 years now & they love to try new restaurants, travel, hike, and just spend time together. When I first met Rafi & Alee at the beginning of our session, they were so sweet & welcoming.

One week before the couple session, Rafi texted me his plan to propose, and if you keep up with my work, you knowww that I LOVE proposals. I’ll do anything I can to make it an awesome experience. The plan went like this: We would take photos in their casual outfits for half of the session, change into something fancy, and then walk over to the back of The Mansion at Woodward Park. Once we arrived to the bottom of the stairs, the sign to propose was “your shoe is untied.” Well, what we didn’t account for was the pouring rain that started RIGHT after Rafi & Alee changed into their second outfit. I pulled out my clear umbrella, both of them unphased by the rain (actually loving it as a matter of fact). Through the storm, we continued as planned with Rafi getting down on one knee. Alee took a few moments to take it all in – she had no idea it was coming. The second half of our session then turned into engagement photos as they celebrated finally being engaged!

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, such as the rain, but the silver lining is that it actually meant so much to Rafi & Alee. They plan to move to Washington next summer, and the weather we had for this session only reminded them of their future together – living it up in the PNW where overcast/rainy days are common. Congratulations, you two!

Rafi & Alee | Engagement Session

Photographer | Jordan Taylor Photography

Location | Woodward Park, The Conservatory, & The Mansion at Woodward Park