Picnic Proposal by the Rotunda, Philbrook Museum

When I say Hope created one of the most intentional proposal experiences for Kayla, I mean it.

After almost 5 years together, Hope has been looking for the perfect opportunity to propose to Kayla. Because Kayla’s an artist, and they both love art, Hope stumbled across Philbrook Museum‘s “Me Time Monday,” which lets guests rent the garden for three hours. Hope immediately secured the reservation, so that they could have the garden all to themselves for the proposal. At 9am, Hope arrived to set up a really lovely picnic by the rotunda with blankets, pillows, flowers from Ever Something, a charcuterie board from Veldy’s, and a picnic basket with champagne. Honestly, the cutest proposal set-up I’ve ever seen!

Somehow, someway, Hope was able to completely surprise Kayla. She did not see it coming, not even as a friend asked Kayla to join her for a doctor’s appointment that morning, or when instead, they ended up driving up to the Philbrook Museum and parking for a last minute luncheon. Not even after Hope welcomed Kayla into the gardens and walked her over to the rotunda. Kayla realized what was actually happening once Hope got down on one knee, pulled out a beautiful, Art Deco style ring, and asked Kayla to marry her. I think this really describes their relationship. Hope says that “our relationship feels like it’s out of a story book; every single day is filled with so much laugher and growth, because we inspire and encourage each other to try new things all the time.” So, in my opinion, it’s not at all odd that Kayla wouldn’t realize the proposal. It means that Hope & Kayla are constantly creating romantic and sweet moments for each other. They have this really amazing relationship where around every turn, they’re exploring new experiences. That’s the kind of love we should all strive for.

Hope & Kayla | Proposal

Photographer | Jordan Taylor Photography

Venue | Philbrook Museum of Art

Floral Arrangement | Ever Something

Charcuterie Spread | Veldy’s Artiston Cheese & Wine

Looking to propose to your favorite person and get it all on camera?