Engagement Session in Oklahoma Desert

Jacob & Taylor made an entire adventure out of their engagement session at the Gloss Mountains in Oklahoma.

I have to say, the phone call I had with Taylor & Jacob before I officially became their wedding photographer was one of my favorites ever. Our conversation was effortless & their love for each other and Jesus was so evident. Leading up to the engagement session, I just became more and more excited (What made me especially happy was when Taylor said she was happy dancing all the way up to the day, because SAME), Ultimately, we were able to create an incredible experience & adventure out at the Gloss Mountain State Park together! These two are so fun & outgoing. They had no problem showing off the love they have for one another & this same love is going to make for an incredible marriage.

So, how did they meet? Jacob had recently moved to Owasso for a pastoral job, and on his second weekend at the church, he was introducing himself to friends that Taylor serves with. Strangely though, he avoided introducing himself to her. After Taylor introduced herself and they exchanged a few sentences, Jacob followed her on Instagram and started messaging Taylor. (“Classic!” she says). After a couple of days, Jacob asked Taylor to get coffee. This first date lasted 3+ hours, and from there, they started this sweet relationship they now have. Soon, they’ll be married at Dream Point Ranch, so that they can spend the rest of their lives with each other! Happy dancing for them!

Jacob & Taylor | Engagement Session

Photographer | Jordan Taylor Photography

Location | Gloss Mountain State Park in Oklahoma

Hair | Chelsea Bergin Bridal Hair

Makeup | Stunning by Starla


“When I first got engaged, I immediately told my fiancé we would be hiring Jordan as our wedding photographer. Not only is she the sweetest and most fun person to have in your corner for wedding planning, she goes above and beyond in every way. We recently had our engagement session, and it was everything I’d been dreaming of! She made sure we were fully prepared and made it a party and a fairytale all at the same time. The sneak peeks came in less than 24 hours, and we’re still swooning. We can’t wait for the wedding, and I’m so thankful Jordan will be there to capture it all!”


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