Foggy Morning Engagement Session, Chandler Park

You can’t beat a good sunrise.

On 4th of July weekend, Will was visiting Sara from California. Only 3 weeks before, they got engaged, which meant it was time for some engagement photos! We planned this session in less than a week and made it all possible by squeezing them in for a sunrise session. 6:30am? No problem! We woke up before the sun (5:00am, that’s right) to arrive at Chandler Park, and let me tell you, the landscape and sky felt so surreal. There was a fog that diffused the light, causing some really awesome effects during our session. As soon as we begun taking photos, I could just tell that Will & Sara were naturals. They have so much affection for each other – they were laughing, hugging, kissing – without any type of prompts. I had so much fun adventuring throughout the park to capture their sweet relationship & I’m so happy we could make this session happen!

Will & Sara | Engagement Session

Photographer | Jordan Taylor Photography

Location | Chandler Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Did you know we’re more likely to catch some fog with a sunrise session?