Daring Picnic Proposal, OU Campus

In the midst of a quarantine, Sarah’s custom-made, art deco style ring was finally finished, and Dean made the last minute decision to propose to Sarah within the next week. Of course, it wasn’t that last minute. Dean had spent so much time researching the perfect ring to have it made.

Sarah & Dean met in college at the University of Oklahoma, and eventually, began dating. Dating led to this moment, where Dean would take Sarah on an adventure to the OU campus after work with the dogs on a warm, sunny day. He would then lead her to the center of the outdoor gardens, set-up a picnic, and get down on one knee to propose while Sarah’s mouth would drop in shock. A photographer would appear in the distance with a giant lens (to keep quarantine distance of course), and Sarah would take a few minutes to process what just happened.

Sarah said yes!!! And that’s when we started our tour around the campus, taking engagement photos in the places that meant the most. With bold & daring spirits, they danced, jumped on tables, ran through the courtyard, and found themselves under the sprinklers by the end of our session. It truly felt like time was standing still and all that mattered was that Dean & Sarah were in love.

Dean & Sarah | Proposal Session

Photographer | Jordan Taylor Photography

Location | University of Oklahoma

When does your adventure begin? Are you ready to propose?