Intimate Wedding in Backyard Terrace

When some not-so-fun circumstances arose, Connor & Emily were still able to have a wonderful wedding celebration surrounded by their closest family & friends.

Connor & Emily are the kind of people you are ALWAYS impressed by. And I mean, always. I’ve known Emily since high school, when we both attended Tulsa Tech for Photography. As two extremely hardworking, fun-loving, caring, and kind people, they’ve already accomplished so much in the 4.5 years they’ve been together.

Like I said, some unfortunate events happened leading up to the wedding when COVID-19 began to run its course. Uncertainty surrounded their wedding day as state and federal mandates started to shut down the possibility of events. It was unknown whether or not it would affect their wedding date all the way in June while shut-downs were happening in April. Things were looking up as the wedding day came closer and Oklahoma opened back up in May, but then, their original venue canceled on Emily & Connor. This was devastating, because it was more than just a venue. It is the camp that Emily dreamed of being married at since she was a young Girl Scout. Although this was a very hard & stressful thing to navigate, Emily & Connor handled it with so much grace, as they do with everything else, and organized a stunning ceremony in grandma’s backyard in no time. (Did I mention they did this while moving back to Oklahoma from Indiana? I have no idea how they did it, but they did! Again, always so impressive!)

One of the most special things I’ve ever seen at a wedding happened. While getting ready for the wedding, Connor & Emily cut off over 10+ inches of hair at the same time. As you can imagine, this made the first look reveal much more dramatic. When Connor saw Emily, I about bawled – he made her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. “Oh my gosh, look at you!” The stress of planning melted away as soon as they saw each other. Honestly, I can’t even tell you how special it felt to see Connor & Emily’s chemistry as I took photos – all I could sense was the love they had for each other. What mattered most at that moment was that it was finally time to get married.

Close family began to arrive for the ceremony as Connor & Emily hid away in a back room of the house. Smiles filled the covered backyard terrace, and thus, the ceremony started. As you looked out at the guests, you could see tear-covered faces while Connor & Emily exchanged vows & rings. In an instant, they were married & celebrating with the ones that mattered most. It was a special, special day & I couldn’t be more excited for Connor & Emily’s future together as they start their journey across seas in the Peace Corps this coming year.

Connor & Emily | Wedding Day

Photographer | Jordan Taylor Photography

Videographer | Jesse Anderson

Bridal Hair & Makeup | Telara Day

Groom Hair | Aimee Berryhill

Dress | BHLDN

Rings | Heidi Gibson & Spexton

Suit | Men’s Warehouse

Cake | Ruby Cakes